Galveston, TX

In Galveston, Texas I've had over 100 years of Dreyfus family bloodline. I remember as a kid taking long road trips in our green minivan from Kansas to Texas every summer to visit my grandparents at the house my father was raised. My brother and I would camp out on the floor and play videogames with our portable mini tv and Sega Genesis. Since about 6th grade, our summer trips stopped happening and extra curricular activities ensued so my trips to Texas became vivid memories of childhood. Years passed, and my Galveston family slowly moved away to various parts of the U.S. Twelve years later I finally made the treck back to Galveston to see what has changed and what has not. In that time span several hurricanes had hit the area and ruined the beloved Dreyfus house. What was left was the surrounding fence, some palm trees, and a skeleton of what was my Grandfather's dock on the water. What a surreal trip this was for me driving down Darcy Lane to this place. The warm, thick, salty air consumed me and my childhood memories felt like they came to life in that moment.